Building on our success in AZAD. TAMEER is introducing to the market an extension from this success story “AZAD Views”. AZAD Views is revolving around maximizing views from your own home. The view could be on a beautiful landscape, water feature or a unique architecture design. We have designed AZAD VIEWS with the concept of high quality lifestyle along the concept of the coziness in a neighborhood. AZAD VIEWS is a car free destination, where a person can walk through the promenade developed connecting AZAD 1 and AZAD VIEWS.


Located across the street from the American University, AZAD Views is built as the latest extension to AZAD I, this nearby destination enjoys access to Road 90 South, at a location that is in close proximity to the city’s major terminals including Cairo International Airport and The New Administrative Capital. With this ideal location, AZAD Views is distant enough to remain secluded from the industrial bustle of New Cairo while remaining close enough for our residents to remain connected with the extended community.

A New Destination

AZAD Views that is bustling with life. AZAD Views’s residents will have full access to all AZAD I through the Promenade, a beautifully designed avenue that connects the two compounds. The global design of AZAD is created to facilitate convenience for all of its residents by giving them access to all of the amenities and facilities of AZAD I, including the business lounge and the community centre. The Promenade itself, while both functional as a pathway and aesthetically pleasing with plentiful greenery, will also serve as a social and commercial hub, with spaces especially designed to host walking markets, sports activities, outdoor yoga, dance studios, and picnics. AZAD Views’s residents will also have access to our expansive Mixed Use project, a comprehensive extension that will host commercial areas, office buildings, health and hospitality locations and more!


Azad Views is designed with community and aesthetics in mind, with stunning indoor/outdoor urban design that allows natural light to bounce off of the lush greenery and refreshing water features that wrap its timeless architecture at every turn, and individual and broad walkways that run from your home to beautiful parks, to sports areas, to lively walking markets and charming bazaars, all interwoven and effortlessly connected to create a delightful and friendly neighbourhood!


While tāmeer operates under the values that developed the foundation of our success, we believe in the power of innovation and the opportunities it generates. Our outlook has always been one shaped by the future and our role in providing solutions relevant to the modern world through practical and sustainable design that cater to the needs of our clients. We are all invested in building homes, communities, but most importantly, relationships that still stand the test of time.